During the guided tour, the visitors are accompanied by the curator and receive detailed information about Ørnulf Opdahl and the exhibition "Winter solstice". The tour will be conducted in norwegian
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Funding for repair of old buildings   
How to obtain funds for repair of old buildings and other constructions
Funding for repair of old buildings How to obtain funds for repair of old buildings and other constructions
It can be quite expensive to repair old buildings, if the work is to be done in the same way as it was originally. At the same time the result becomes not just more beautiful, but also better and more lasting than if we replace the old parts with new, perhaps cheaper elements. Not only: those who repair old buildings with traditional materials and methods can cover the extra costs by obtaining funds from Kulturminnefondet, or the Norwegian state heritage funding institution, and other funding institutions.Kulturminnefondet would like to receive more applications for funds from Ålesund. This means that good projects for buildings and other constructions in all materials, from all periods, stand a good chance in the competition for funds! In cooperation with Jugendstilsenteret, Fortidsminneforeningen Sunnmøre Lokallag, Møre og Romsdal Fylkeskommune and the Library of Ålesund Bibliotek Kulturminnefondet invites to a:  Funding information event Wednesday 7. June 2017 at 7.00 PM at the Library of Ålesund

18.30                  Representatives for Kulturminnefondet, Jugendstilsenteret, Fortidsminneforeningen, the County of Møre and Romsdal and the library give advice to those who want. They will also answer questions and give advice during the coffee breaks. 19.00                  Einar Engen from Kulturminnefondet tells about the prerequisites a project should meet, and about the application process 19.45                  Coffee break and questions 20.00                  Jorunn Monrad, built heritage consultant at Jugendstilsenteret, provides advice and tips about other funding institutions and about how an application should be formulated 20.30                  Helge Aarseth gives information about the funding provided by the county. 20.40                  Fortidsminneforeningen – presentation of the society for the protection of cultural heritage and how to get funding for projects from them 20.45                  questions and coffee Participation is free of charge, and no registration is required. We offer coffee and tea.     The event is organized in collaboration with Fortidsminneforeningen Lokallag Sunnmøre, Kulturminnefondet, Møre og Romsdal Fylkeskommune and Jugendstilsenteret og KUBE.  
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Ørnulf Opdahl – Winter solstice - KUBE 28.04.–31.12.17
Ørnulf Opdahl – Winter solstice - KUBE 28.04.–31.12.17
This year’s main exhibition is the retrospective exhibition “Winter solstice”, featuring paintings by Ørnulf Opdahl. Taking his cue from the dramatic, jagged landscapes of Northwestern Norway, Opdahl has distinguished himself as one of the major innovators of the Norwegian landscape painting tradition. By taking a closer look at Opdahl’s works from the 1960s to the present, we want to shed light on aspects from his oeuvre that so far have received less attention. The exhibition is based on the tension between light and darkness that recurs throughout his works and that charges them with psychological undercurrents that tie into the dark fields of the Nordic art scene. In connection with the exhibition, we will offer an extensive programme of artist talks, tours, lectures, workshops and more.  
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Vacancy as museum host - summer 2017
Vacancy as museum host - summer 2017
For more information about this positon please contact Museum shop and café manager Linn Vatle: or call +47 47 46 81 82
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THE CITY – that could have been  – JUGENDSTILSENTERET 17.06.16 - 30.09.17
THE CITY – that could have been  – JUGENDSTILSENTERET 17.06.16 - 30.09.17
THE CITY – that could have been is an encounter with the unrealised building projects in the history of Aalesund. While they remained dreams, sketches and models, they also became newspaper articles, action committees and uproar. They were someone’s failures, and someone else’s victories.The buildings and streets of a city is the story of the city on a large scale. How is this urban landscape created? The design of a city does not just change overnight, as it did in the fire of 23 January 1904. Change also sneaks up on you, with passing time and changing living conditions. Some people thought that the unrealised building projects were dead-ends; others felt that they were possibilities and solutions. The unrealised building projects all have a common denominator: public debate. They are part of the story about how the city came to be.  Our exhibition offers several leaps of imagination. What if the city had not burnt? What if we could walk to Nordre Rønneberghaug and see the train roll up to the platform at Buholmen? Would the story of the city have been different? The exhibition takes place on 1st floor, Jugendstilsenteret Research and curating, Ingvil E. Grimstad
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