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N.B. Due to an event Thursday the 17th of October, KUBE will close at 6.00 PM.

The dining room  - Jugendstilsenteret and KUBE closed Until further notice due to Covid 19


Jugendstilsenteret permanent exhibition

On the first floor you find the beatiful dining room of pharmacist J.A. Øwre, which is carefully restored and set for a dinner party. The room is designed as a total work of art. 

You may notice that all the furniture in the dining room seems specially designed for this room – and indeed it is. This is a fine example of Gesamtkunstwerk (a total work of art) where the architect designs the entire room down to the smallest detail: the table and chairs, panelling and mouldings, even the brass fittings on the buffet are custom made for this particular interior. 

This work by Hagbarth Schytte-Berg (1860–1944) is stylistically related to an interior designed by architect Henrik Bull for the Stockholm Exposition of 1897. In contrast to traditional dragon style furniture, the ornamentation here is simpler and is concentrated on the central parts and joints of the furniture pieces. This restraint accentuates their form and allows the ornamentation to take secondary importance.