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THE CITY – as arena - KUBE 17.06.16-29.01.17

Photo: Kristin Støylen.
Photo: Kristin Støylen.

On the second level at Art Museum KUBE, we present an international art exhibition where the artists portray encounters with various cities. They exhibit an exploration of the urban space as arena for interpersonal encounters, poetic and political involvement, improvised actions, power, activism, development and accessibility. The cities of the world are changing, and this exhibition invites reflection upon this global urbanisation.

In THE CITY – as arena, we will be showing works in several different media, such as photography, video, sound, installation and drawing.

Artists: Marte Aas (NO), Sophie Calle (FR), Ane Hjort Guttu (NO), Clara Ianni (BR), Elsebeth Jørgensen* (DK), Amal Kenawy (EG), Kay Arne Kirkebø (NO), Tom Molloy (IR), Jon Benjamin Tallerås (NO).

*Elsebeth Jørgensen's audio piece "Walking Journal" is available online and can accompany a walking tour in the city. Download the audiotour here.

Aalesund: 10.000 metres of possibilities - KUBE 17.06.16-29.12.17

In this exhibition, we present some of the current urbanisation and development plans for Aalesund, such as plans for the south side of the city, the idea of a light rail in Aalesund and our own project, “Myldring i mellomrommet” (Brainstorming in between).

THE CITY – that could have been


Jugendstilsenteret 17.6.1630.9.17

THE CITY – that could have been is an encounter with the unrealised building projects in the history of Aalesund. While they remained dreams, sketches and models, they also became newspaper articles, action committees and uproar. They were someone’s failures, and someone else’s victories.

Neighbourhood: Anne Marte Overaa: Places of Disinterest - 01.9.-12.10.16


“Places of Disinterest” is an outdoor artwork consisting of four guided walks created by Anne Marte Overaa for the Neighbourhood/Community project in connection with our main exhibition, BYEN/THE CITY.