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Therese Christensen 19.2 - 17.4.2016

Therese Christensen, Without Title (2015). Technique: marker, acrylic, pva on canvas.
Therese Christensen, Without Title (2015). Technique: marker, acrylic, pva on canvas.

“Echoes of Red and the River” Paintings and Works on Paper

Therese Christensen (born 1946) lives in Bergen and has been painting since the 1980s. Her exhibition at KUBE features a selection of paintings and works on paper produced in the past two years. Her style of expression is abstract organic.

 Christensen describes her work as follows:

“My main concern is to examine what a painting is, and how it is produced. My approach is intuitive and improvisational. As I approach it, painting is all about yourself and your artistic process. The script and sound of the colours creates a mood, which I pursue. I work directly and spontaneously, taking long pauses for reflection. These are slow processes that take as long as they take.”

Christensen was educated at the Bergen Academy of Art and Design, the Norwegian Academy of Craft and Applied Arts, and UCLA. She has taken part in numerous solo, group, and collective exhibitions in Norway and abroad. Her works have been purchased by institutions such as the Museum of Contemporary Art, Bergen Art Museum, Arts Council Norway, and the Norwegian Parliament.



Jugendstilsenteret and KUBE 17.6.1630.9.17

The exhibition project THE CITY is concerned with cities, urban development and urbanization. In addition to three parallel exhibitions in the museum, a number of events have been carried out, such as lectures and screenings, as well as initiatives and artistic interventions in the city’s outdoor spaces. Taking art, urban planning and architecture as its starting point, the project emphasizes the museum’s role as an actor in society.

Knut Åsdam - Mobil Egress 19.2.-13.3.2016


11 meter lorry with film installation in the outdoor space between The Art Nouveau Centre and Art Museum KUBE.

Mobile Egress is a touring lorry; an architectual art/film/cinema installation with the film Egress built inside the back compartment. It functions as a mobile cinema and is built up from installation elements to create an architectonic environment. The piece merges art and film distributed in an unusual way. It looks at contemporary Norway and its psychology through themes of work, class, oil and the material world. The tour began at Kunstnernes Hus in Oslo, January 2015 as a part of the exhibition Krigens Skygge/The Shadow of War on political art in Norway between 1914 - 2014. 

The idea is to extend the way art and film is shown and distributed in Norway. Åsdam aims to bring the notions of extended cinema out of an academic association which is not necessarily art related for an unspecified audience to public places across the country. The film is a critical view on the present Norwegian society made accessible regardless of whether there is a cinema or a screening room, allowing for contemporary art and experimental film to reach an audience that are usually restricted because of geography, following the tradition of the traveling cinemas and “art-tents” in Europe that toured singular art works to audiences outside the large centres.

Tom Monsås 12.2 - 17.4.2016

NIHIL (2015), detail, oil on MDF
NIHIL (2015), detail, oil on MDF

Taking the Bataclan terrorist attack last November as his starting point, Tom Monsås examines these issues in his art installation NIHIL. By reusing newspaper photos of the attack, he turns the spotlight on our understanding of reality when we are faced with disaster and suffering — our blindness, and the strategies necessary to create images that move audiences in the modern world. Can art help us understand the meaning or the meaninglessness of human disasters and suffering?

In featuring the Paris attacks, the exhibition addresses some of the major challenges and conflicts faced by the world today.

The opening will be at Art Museum KUBE Friday the 12th of February at 7pm.


Samoa Rémy, Substrantum - Jugendstilsenteret 02.10.2015 - 28.02.2016

Samoa Rémy, Ubi Consistam (2015). Digitalprint, burned wood panel, wax and pigment.
Samoa Rémy, Ubi Consistam (2015). Digitalprint, burned wood panel, wax and pigment.

This autumn, Jugendstilsenteret hosts the solo exhibition Substratum by Swiss artist Samoa Rémy. The exhibition is displayed in the Dining Room on the second floor and the museum’s three temporary exhibition spaces.  The exhibition centres on, among other things, the notion of nature being a philosophical, aesthetical and spiritual fulcrum for the Jugendstil movement, and that the style emerged as a "fresh breath of idealism" in the period between ca.1890 and the start of the First World War.

Anniversary exhibition - Artists from Møre og Romsdal - KUBE 9.10.15 - 31.1. 16


Our celebration of Stiftelsen Kulturkvartalet's tenth anniversary continues into the autumn and winter with an exhibition focusing on local artists.