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Anniversary exhibition - Artists from Møre og Romsdal - KUBE 9.10.15 - 31.1. 16


Our celebration of Stiftelsen Kulturkvartalet's tenth anniversary continues into the autumn and winter with an exhibition focusing on local artists.

Samoa Rémy, Substrantum - Jugendstilsenteret 02.10.2015 - 28.02.2016

Samoa Rémy, Ubi Consistam (2015). Digitalprint, burned wood panel, wax and pigment.
Samoa Rémy, Ubi Consistam (2015). Digitalprint, burned wood panel, wax and pigment.

This autumn, Jugendstilsenteret hosts the solo exhibition Substratum by Swiss artist Samoa Rémy. The exhibition is displayed in the Dining Room on the second floor and the museum’s three temporary exhibition spaces.  The exhibition centres on, among other things, the notion of nature being a philosophical, aesthetical and spiritual fulcrum for the Jugendstil movement, and that the style emerged as a "fresh breath of idealism" in the period between ca.1890 and the start of the First World War.

Norwegian Japonism - JUGENDSTILSENTERET 27.09.14-13.09.15


Taking works by some of the key figures in Norwegian Art Nouveau as its starting point, the exhibition examines how the Japonism movement left its mark on Norway.

Art Nouveau and society


The multi-media presentation Art Nouveau and Society has been created by the international art nouveau network Reseau Art Nouveau. Using historic videos and colorful photos, the exhibition explores the relationship between society, cuture and the emergence of art nouveau.



KUBE 8.5-20.9. 2015

How does geographical location affect artistic output? What is the relationship of an artwork to the place where it is produced?

the Vestland exhibition - KUBE 11.04 - 03.05.15

Ida M. Følling og Øyvind Torvund, Drodlet syntetisk landskap (2015)
Ida M. Følling og Øyvind Torvund, Drodlet syntetisk landskap (2015)

First staged in 1922, the Vestland Exhibition is an annual touring exhibition presenting a cross-section of contemporary art from Western Norway. The featured artists in this year’s exhibition use a variety of approaches to explore means of expression such as material and construction. By focusing on various forms of communication, Course of Action explores the elements that turn events into a story.

simon wågsholm - sceneries 13.3.-26.4.2015


Friday 13th March we opened the exhibition Sceneries, with works by the young local artist Simon Wågsholm (b.1978, Ålesund).


Open Studio 11.02-29.03.15

Liv Dysthe Sønderland is our Open Studio - artist.
Liv Dysthe Sønderland is our Open Studio - artist.

In the autumn of 2014, we issued an open invitation to artists in Møre og Romsdal to apply for temporary studio space. For seven weeks, the Skylight Room in the basement of Kunstmuseet KUBE will be transformed into a studio and a space for creating art. The doors will be open to the public, allowing museum visitors to drop by for a chat to learn about how the artist works. This will provide visitors with a fascinating insight into the daily life of an artist and some of the work that goes into creating an artwork.

browsing beauty - KUBE 16.01-01.03.015


Following the breakthrough of modernism in art, the previous emphasis on beauty took a back seat. Through their multimedia project Browsing Beauty, Andrea Sunder-Plassmann (Germany) and Sigi Torinus (Canada/US) have set out to change this. They seek to focus on beauty as a fundamental driving force in life by examining its fleeting, transient nature, constantly changing in time and space. Browsing Beauty explores the unexpected relationships and dialogues that occur when familiar and unfamiliar perceptions of beauty collide. Each exhibition in the series is unique, with a site-specific theme for each venue. Browsing Beauty was first exhibited in Australia and has since appeared in various locations worldwide.

Curator: Tove Lande

Lars Christian Istad: Places to Pause - KUBE 18.10.14 - 01.02.15


Places to Pause marks the 80th birthday of Lars Christian Istad, an illustrator and woodcut artist from Molde. The woodcuts form the core of his oeuvre, and this anniversary exhibition provides a golden opportunity for a chronological retrospective highlighting both the evolution and the continuity in his art, which may not have been apparent in earlier exhibitions. This is also the first time that Istad’s drawings have been exhibited in large numbers. Places to Pause presents Istad as a portrayer of places, focusing on scenes from his home region of Møre og Romsdal. The exhibition also emphasizes Istad the craftsman and the complex process involved in creating woodcuts.

Curator: Tove Lande