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Tuesday till Sunday 11.00–16.00

Margrethe Svendsen and Petrine Wiik - the photographer, her assistant and the town of Ålesund  -  JUGENDSTILSENTERET 06.06.13 - 06.04.14 


From the 1880s onward, photography was one of a very few career options open to middle-class women. We know of several female Norwegian photographers from this era. In her contribution to the book Norske kvinder (“Norwegian Women”) published in 1914, the photographer Thea Nielsen wrote: “The job of photographer is exceptionally well suited to women, who should be well placed to make their mark in fields that call for decorative sensibility and dexterity.”  In Ålesund too there were female photographers around the turn of the last century. This exhibition features two of them: Margrethe Svendsen and Petrine Wiik.

“Walkscapes & Dandelions…”


Elsebeth Jørgensen’s “Walkscapes & Dandelions…” is an installation made up of six components in different media: video, wall drawings, plaster casts, a sound installation, and borrowed artifacts in a glass display case.

From the archive - JUGENDSTILSENTERET 25.04.-14.09.14


We invited two artists, Elsebeth Jørgensen (Denmark) and Helene Sommer (Norway), to create new works based on Jugendstilsenteret’s collection and archives, and on Ålesund’s architecture and wealth of stories.

Norwegian Japonism - JUGENDSTILSENTERET 27.09.14-13.09.15


Taking works by some of the key figures in Norwegian Art Nouveau as its starting point, the exhibition examines how the Japonism movement left its mark on Norway.

Lars Christian Istad: Places to Pause - KUBE 18.10.14 - 01.02.15


Places to Pause marks the 80th birthday of Lars Christian Istad, an illustrator and woodcut artist from Molde. The woodcuts form the core of his oeuvre, and this anniversary exhibition provides a golden opportunity for a chronological retrospective highlighting both the evolution and the continuity in his art, which may not have been apparent in earlier exhibitions. This is also the first time that Istad’s drawings have been exhibited in large numbers. Places to Pause presents Istad as a portrayer of places, focusing on scenes from his home region of Møre og Romsdal. The exhibition also emphasizes Istad the craftsman and the complex process involved in creating woodcuts.

Curator: Tove Lande


Art Nouveau and nature - KUBE 22.03.-11.05. 2014


At the end of the 19th century, a far-reaching movement which  brought about an artistic regeneration emerged in Europe,with Nature as its chief source of inspiration. From Barcelona to Helsinki and from Glasgow to Nancy, nature shaped this new aesthetic and gave life to forms which revolutionised lifestyles, as science and art were united in the drive for modernity.