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Wednesday till Sunday 11.00–16.00

Art and life on paper – 25.6.–31.12.2021


Jugend magazine meets the Bergen Art Book Fair

Jugendstilsenteret and KUBE possess twenty-nine complete volumes of the German magazine Jugend(Youth). The magazine first saw the light of day in Munich in 1896 and was published on a weekly basis until 1940. The museum has a complete run of volumes from 1896 to 1924. In Jugend, art was regarded as a natural and essential component of life, and by covering a wide-ranging cultural field the magazine presented the contemporary zeitgeist through texts and sumptuous illustrations.


Bergen Art Book Fair has been invited to the exhibition to present a selection of contemporary artist’s books. These books reveal the artistic movements and expressions of the present day. The juxtaposition with Jugendserves to highlight both the continuity and the contrasts between past and present.


The physical dimension of printed material is central to their experience. For the sake of their conservation, the issues of Jugend must be protected in display cases, but feel free to touch the contemporary artist’s books – with freshly sanitized and dry hands, you are welcome to browse your way through the exhibition.

About Bergen Art Book Fair

Bergen Art Book Fair (BABF) is an international fair for artist’s books that gathers artists, designers, authors, and other creators with a common passion for the book format. BABF is part of a network of fairs for artist’s books that take place regularly in major cities throughout the world.


The artist’s book is a genre that has become ever more popular. Such books may be handmade or produced at a printer’s shop, and they typically have a small print run. They are usually self-published, but there are also artist-run publishers that represent several artists. An artist’s book is a concentrated and closed exhibition venue for a single visitor, but it can also serve as the basis for social encounters – for example at a fair for artist’s books.


Since the outbreak of the pandemic, BABF has existed as a digital platform, with physical events taking place whenever and wherever possible. But a book can never be recreated digitally – it is meant to be experienced physically, and in autumn 2021 BABF will organize a mini-fair for artist’s books at the museum, with stands, lectures, and workshops.