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Am I Human to You? - KUBE - Stipulated opening date September 2020

Amy Karle, Regenerative Reliquary, 2016.
Amy Karle, Regenerative Reliquary, 2016.

Our main exhibition at KUBE in 2020 titled “Am I Human to You?” is the latest in the museum's trilogy focusing on the key challenges of our time.

Posthumanism is currently replacing humanism as a technology, philosophical idea, and cultural expression. This entails a cross-disciplinary paradigm shift that challenges traditional perceptions of ourselves as a species. How will this affect our understanding of the very concept of “human”, and thus the way we see ourselves? Will the post-humanist definition of “human” open up the division humanism has set up between “we” and “the others”, or will it make the definition even narrower? Will a new type of human being supplant Homo sapiens and shake up the conventional wisdom that “man is the measure of all things”? Taking our cue from international contemporary art, the exhibition will examine these key modern-day challenges.