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Am I Human to You? - KUBE - postponed to 2021

Amy Karle, Regenerative Reliquary, 2016.
Amy Karle, Regenerative Reliquary, 2016.

“Am I Human to You?” is the latest exhibition in the museum's trilogy focusing on the key challenges of our time.

The beauty of art nouveau


Jugendstilsenteret permanent exhibition

On the first floor you will find a cross- section of Norwegian art nouveau, from advertisements to furniture, glassware and textiles.

The dining room  - Jugendstilsenteret


Jugendstilsenteret permanent exhibition

On the first floor you find the beatiful dining room of pharmacist J.A. Øwre, which is carefully restored and set for a dinner party. The room is designed as a total work of art. 

The time machine


Jugendstilsenteret permanent exhibition

Our time machine takes visitors back to the town fire of 1904. Over twenty screens showing videos, photos and animations combine with audio and visual effects and exhibits to give visitors a powerful experience of the town fire and reconstruction of Ålesund.

Craftmanship and architecture


Jugendstilsenteret permanent exhibition

Good and varied craftsmanship played a particularly important role in art nouveau architecture. In the basement of The Art Nouveau Centre you will find the stonemason, smith, tinsmith, painter, plaster sculptor, carpenter, glassmaker and mason.