Mandag – søndag 10 – 16.



jugendstilen i møte med nye klimatiske utfordringer. Foredrag Fredag 21. mars

The Art Nouveau heritage is facing new climatic challenges. That is the topic of the lectures in Ålesund, 21st march 2014.
The Art Nouveau heritage is facing new climatic challenges. That is the topic of the lectures in Ålesund, 21st march 2014.

I anledning åpningen av utstillingen Jugendstilens natur og samling i det internasjonale nettverket Reseau Art Nouveau Network inviterer Jugendstilsenteret til foredrag over temaet bygningsvern og klimatiske utfordringer. Foredragene holdes i foredragssalen i Sunnmørsposten sitt avisbygg i Røysegata 10. Gratis inngang. Velkommen! 

9.30 How to deal with climatic challenges with increasing rainfall and maintenance of plaster facades from the period of 1890 until 1910? 

André KORSAKSEL, curator/engineer of constructions, The Cultural Heritage Management Office of Oslo
Lecture in English  

10.00 Climatic challenges and the craftsmen lack of knowledge in building materials and right maintaining techniques.
Victorija ALADZIC, architect, Subotica
Lecture in English 

10.30 Examples from the city of Bergen. Descending groundwater is a growing problem for preservation of the building heritage in Europe.
How to find sustainable technical solutions? 
Iver SCHONHOWD, The directorate for Cultural Heritage of Norway
Lecture in English  

11.00 Coffee break 

11.30 How to develop the coastal city without loss of the art nouveau buildings?
How to deal with city development and increasing sea levels?
Ole Andreas SØVIK, head of The Plan and Construction Department, Ålesund municipality
Lecture in English 

12.00 Lecture from Brussels (title pending)
Guy CONDE-REIS, Direction des Monuments et Sites du Service Public Régional de Bruxelles
Lecture in French 

12.30 Debate and questions 

13.00 Lunch 

14.30 Preserving the past for future in a city in transformation. Guidelines for the conservation of materials and characters of the Art Nouveau architecture in Milan.
Maurizio BORIANI, Mariacristina GIAMBRUNO, Sonia PISTIDDA, Regione Lombardia
Lecture in English  

15.00 Lecture from Oradea (title pending / titre en attente)
Ramona NOVICOV, Faculté d’Architecture de l’Université d’Oradea A.I.C.A.
Lecture in French / Conférence en français  

15.30 Debate and questions   
A simultaneous translation (French, English) will be available.