Opening hours

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Photographs published at and images ordered from Stiftelsen Kulturkvartalet’s archives may be used free of charge for non-commercial purposes, such as education and private use.

Images intended for reproduction in commercial publications, including printed material and digital media (such as TV, video and websites), can be ordered at the following charge per image:

Digital file of a photograph (highest available resolution) NOK 200 (incl. VAT)

Digital file of an architectural drawing (highest available resolution) NOK 200 (incl. VAT)

For large orders you will be charged for each commenced working hour (NOK 400 incl. VAT).


When image files are downloaded or ordered from Stiftelsen Kulturkvartalet, the following conditions apply:

It is the Client’s own responsibility to exercise caution when reproducing images so that depicted persons are not harmed or violated, pursuant to section 45.c of the Norwegian Copyright Act (Åndsverksloven).

If the image includes artwork in a way that publishing requires permission from the artist, it is the responsibility of the Client to secure permission from the appropriate copyright holder.

Digital files cannot be shared with or loaned to third parties. The charge applies to a single use. The Client agrees to destroy and/or delete all supplied or downloaded images as well as any copies the Client has made of such images pursuant to these Terms and Conditions, once such images have been used by the Client for the purpose or use specified. For use in multiple contexts, a new agreement must be made. The images cannot be used for other than the stated purpose. When requesting files, please be as detailed as possible about where the images are to be used, for instance in publications, exhibitions, websites, advertisement and (if known) the title of a product.


All photographs must be credited with the photographer’s name + ownership, as follows:

Title, year (if known). Photo: Name of photographer / courtesy of Stiftelsen Kulturkvartalet

Or when the photographer is unknown:

Title, year (if known). Photo: Photographer unknown / courtesy of Stiftelsen Kulturkvartalet

Or when using a section/detail of the image:

Title, year (if known), detail. Photo: Name of photographer / courtesy of Stiftelsen Kulturkvartalet


All architectural drawings must be credited with the architect’s name + ownership, as follows:

Title, year (if known). Drawing/Illustration: Name of architect / Owner

This has to be stated either together with the photograph/drawing or in a separate list of figures. If the photo credits are missing, the Client will be charged with an extra fee of 50% of the basic price.

Delivery time: up to 3 weeks. For large orders, a longer delivery time may be expected. Urgent orders can be made by appointment at an additional fee of NOK 200 (incl. VAT) per image.