And I will take you to Paradise, 4.5.-30.12.2018 OPENING MAY 4TH, 7PM


Artists: Awst&Walther, Ditte Ejlerskov & Johan Furåker, Mona Hatoum, Alexander Kosolapov, Michael Takeo Magruder, Elin Melberg, Rabih Mroué, Tito Salina & Irwan Ahmett, Andres Serrano, Wael Shawky, David Shrigley, Bill Viola, Elisabeth Ohlson Wallin, Erkan Özgen.

Curators:  Benedikte Holen og Tove Lande

Place: KUBE

Presenting select works by a range of international contemporary artists, “And I Will Take You to Paradise” is the Jugendstilsenteret and KUBE’s major exhibition for 2018 and will be shown in KUBE from 4 May to 30 December. The exhibition will explore the topic of religion in contemporary art, with a particular focus on Christian and Muslim notions of martyrdom and eternal life.Why are people willing to die for their faith? Can their actions be justified on the grounds of conscience, justice or love?

The exhibition addresses various aspects related to the idea of both historical and contemporary martyrs and the act of martyrdom. We live in a time where technology allows religious messages to be disseminated swiftly and effectively, and where suicide bomber videos on the internet and martyr posters in the streets of war-torn areas help propagate the martyrs’ actions. Several of the works showcased at the exhibition may be read in the light of this development, while another relevant perspective is the consequences of the holy wars that are waged in the name of religion. Works that offer alternative perspectives to historical events and conventional narratives and ideas will be represented, along with works that range from explicit declarations to more poetic and open visualizations of the idea of an earthly or heavenly paradise.

The intent of the exhibition is not to show religious art per se but to juxtapose works that in various ways relate to religious themes. Religion is one of the most important and most problematic challenges of our time, and we want to present works that examine key questions concerning modern-day religion and that encourage further reflection. Visitors are thereby invited to take part in a vital, democratic dialogue on religion at the museum. The museum thus becomes a venue where religious faith, concepts, fundamentalism and propaganda can be discussed comparatively.

This will be the first museum exhibition in Norway to focus so sharply on this topic. The exhibition’s scholarly intent and scope will be further reinforced by the exhibition catalogue as well as by a number of educational activities such as lectures and other events related to the topic.

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